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Fri 03
Oct 2008
A post over at CNET Clientside Blog* (Aaron Newton) got me thinking...

jQuery gets a unfair bad rep for extensibility -- the sheer popularity of jQuery means that a large number of users aren't using jQuery to its full potential. (more)

Sun 15
Jun 2008
First of all, Thanks to all Thingamajiggr II and BarCamp coordinators, volunteers, participants, and SPONSORS for an fun weekend that brought me away from the desk and connected me with scores of interesting people.

Second of all, Hello! Due to a few complications the updates will go slower than usual. The previous BarCamp post, though started around midnight last night, was not posted until midday today -- my host apparently reset the permissions on the vast majority of my files in the name of security (someone else was abusing their account on my shared host earlier this month). On top of that, Thingamajiggr II and BarCamp were fantastic, and my brain is toast from the gigantic data input.

So in the name of quality over quantity, I will be posting updates as my server and brain recover.


Sun 15
Jun 2008
Welcome to all from BarCamp Seattle!

Today I facilitated a (previously unplanned) discussion at BarCamp Seattle titled "The Impact of Design Efficiency on a Sustainable World," beginning with this outline:
  • Open Information

  • No Fear

  • Social Recognition

  • ??????????

  • Profit!!!

As you can see, this is the Underpants Gnomes theory of sustainable business -- but the application is much less simple. Before you say 'duh', please read on for a wider explanation. (more)

Mon 14
Apr 2008
Hello all. I'm back from Europe! ...And also back from the foreign flu I apparently snuck past customs. The trip was awesome, and very motivating. Now as soon as we get past Tax Day, there should be a flurry of updates...

Wed 14
Nov 2007
Ok, my suspicions have been officially confirmed: There is a gPhone, and it's in my pocket! And very likely your pocket as well!

1st Step to the gPhone:


Thu 28
Jun 2007
This Global Underground set from Adam Freeland is pretty incredible, especially his remixes - couldn't believe it when I heard the Fujiya & Miyagi cut. Epic at times, but worth it for the build.

Sun 24
Jun 2007
A tree fell in a forest nearby. Nobody heard it but I saw it on the webcam.

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